Stay Warm and Dry – And Stylish – With Primaloft

November 21, 2017

Staying warm in winter conditions has been a challenge for mankind since the beginning. As we evolved, so too did our ability to take what was around us and transform it into tools and materials we could benefit from. When talking about staying warm in cold weather, humans, in our infinite resourcefulness, started using down, which many consider the highest quality insulation available for coats and jackets nowadays. However, there’s another side to that story. Down does have great insulating properties for winter jackets. However, it is actually the soft […]

Breathability: How To Stay Warm In The Winter Without Sweating

November 16, 2017

If you’re already on the hunt for winter coats, you’re doing great. Chances are you’ll find great deals when trying to discover those few, yet equally affordable and high-quality pieces out-of-season. Truth be told, winter coats are some of the easiest pieces of wardrobe to buy.There are countless varieties, all latest models and the sizes aren’t so rigorous compared to other types of wardrobe. However, make the wrong choice and not only will you pay more, but you’ll also be too warm for your own good.We all remember the days […]

Red Rocks this Season

November 7, 2017

We saw an array of coat trends on the fall and winter 2017 runways — from vintage-inspired furs to belted toppers and, of course, the ever-popular puffer, which is still going strong from last season. Check out the top fall and winter 2017 coat trends below: Red is the colour to wear for fall and winter 2017, with the fiery hue seen on most of the major runways, including Max Mara, Jil Sander and Givenchy. Brighten up your wardrobe by incorporating a coat or jacket in this power colour. It’ll add a […]